CPRx’s Running Academy is the perfect way for a runner to optimize their performance while decreasing the risk of injury.

The program will consist of an overview of running mechanics and awareness about staying injury free.  The athlete(s) will go through two initial screening assessments: functional movement screen and a performance screen.

  1. The first screen will involve testing the functional movements of a runner to get a good idea of the core strength and flexibility of the athlete.  This will give the coach/athlete a better idea of muscle weaknesses or imbalances that should be addressed to keep the athlete injury free.
  2. The second screen will involve the runner’s performance with power, strength, and endurance.  This evaluation will give the coach/athlete an idea about what performance outcome each individual athlete should work on to better their running performance.

The two screening assessments will give each athlete a score in both categories. The Categories are called Prevent for injury prevention and Perform for performance.

  • The Prevent scores will represent the athletes risk for injury.
  • The Perform scores will represent the athletes performance level associated with power and strength.
  • A suggested list of exercises will be given to the individual/team to better their performance and decrease their risk of injury.

Our Academy will provide three helpful tools for the coach, athlete, and the team as a whole:

  • A dynamic stretching program that will be used before a run.<
  • A spreadsheet for the coach showing a detailed result of each athlete.
  • Individual athletic screens will get their own results. Appropriate exercises necessary under the different category levels of Prevent and Perform.

Our goal is to leave the coach with outcome measures and the tools necessary to better the performance of each athlete while decreasing the risk of injury.