Shane Smith

I first came to CPRx in 2005 to rehabilitate from a soccer injury (fractured fibula). I worked with Jeremy, Tami, Maiko, and many trainers. Each contributed to my full recovery and enabled me to return to my favorite sport. They provided a challenging and satisfying rehabilitation program that I highly recommend to athletes of all ages.

Then, several years ago, I felt my athletic “age” was beginning to show. I was experiencing ankle pain, knee pain, achilles tendonitis and general lingering soreness related to soccer playing. I was almost to the point of quitting the sport. I went back to CPRx and began working with Cesar and the training staff. I joined the AFT (Advanced Fitness Training) program and found renewed flexibility and strength. I continue to go twice a week, adding soccer- specific activities to my program. The pain issues are gone, and I am noticing some f the “old moves” are coming back…I could not be more satisfied. Many thanks CPRx!

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