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At CPRx, our goals and care objectives go a step beyond a typical clinic.

We have Physical Therapy Specialists dedicated to your specific injury or condition. While every therapist is trained for all areas of treatment, our injury specialists will diagnose and develop a treatment plan that is just right for you and your injury.

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We are Licensed Physical Therapists with extensive experience in treating patients like you.

If you suffer from recurring injuries, need  post-surgery rehab, or need effective ways to reduce pain, let us help.  We can help you achieve long-term health benefits and get feeling great again.

CPRx Graduate

Everyone at CPRx is so kind, professional, and caring.  It was such a pleasure coming here twice a… Read more “CPRx Graduate”

Susan N.

Advanced Fitness Training

I have found the Physical Therapists at CPRx to be very knowledgeable professionals who effectively covey their knowledge into physical training exercises that their clients can understand. Their trainers are very personable and quickly put their clients at ease. Both the Physical Therapists and the trainers closely monitor their clients at work and intervene in… Read more “Advanced Fitness Training”

John E.

AFT Member

My initial visit to CPRx was fifteen years ago after a serious wrist injury where the Physical Therapist and team customized a personal recovery program for me.  Physical Therapy is work, but CPRx was professional and friendly and I soon realized improved wrist flexibility and strength.  Subsequently, I returned to CPRx for treatment of two… Read more “AFT Member”

Carol A.

Thanks to your kind and friendly staff, the road back has been amazing.

I came here for seven months ago with a severe knee injury post-op, wondering how I would get my life back. I have been racing big sailboats for 35 years and am not ready to quit yet. Thanks to your kind and friendly staff, the road back has been amazing. The strengthening exercises where simple… Read more “Thanks to your kind and friendly staff, the road back has been amazing.”

Deborah D.

Each time I switched to CPRx…

Over the last 7 years I have needed 3 operations, 2 hip replacements and a shoulder repair. After each surgery my doctor referred me to a local PT (not CPRx). With these PT’s my pain was increasing and strength was diminishing. I was very concerned about being able to return to my normal life style.… Read more “Each time I switched to CPRx…”

Mike L.

CPRx Graduate

The staff is cheerful, friendly, and VERY professional!  David is the best aide; caring and specific.  Cesar is a fine, most professional P.T. with great skills and exercises to alleviate a client’s pain.  Outstanding results for a “difficult” client.Much Thanks.  Great… Read more “CPRx Graduate”

Martin A.

CPRX Graduate

Thanks for the inquiry. My knee is doing great now that the hip pain has subsided. The hip pain was too intense for me to finish up with the last couple of appointments that I had. I am back to my normal self. My experience with cprx was the best of all of my prior… Read more “CPRX Graduate”

Marion D.

The therapists and trainers did an amazing job!

I started at CPRx ( to rehabilitate a hamstring injury) in September 2012. The therapists and trainers did an amazing job! They taught me to be more aware of my body and various muscle groups in order to perform my exercises correctly. This resulted in not only rehabilitation of my hamstring but increased strength and… Read more “The therapists and trainers did an amazing job!”

Linda T.

CPRx Physical Therapy
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Los Alamitos, CA 90720

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