Carol A. | returning patient and AFT member

My initial visit to CPRx was fifteen years ago after a serious wrist injury where the Physical Therapist and team customized a personal recovery program for me.  Physical Therapy is work, but CPRx was professional and friendly and I soon realized improved wrist flexibility and strength.  Subsequently, I returned to CPRx for treatment of two other injuries.  It was important to avoid future injuries so I needed to focus on manitaining strength.  All the Physical Therapists: Jeremy, Maiko, and Cesar, who had helped me, had been friendly and helpful so I joined the on-going CPRx workout class program.  The workout classes are supervised by friendly trainers who supervise and customize the exercises and or weights according to the individual abilities for a maximum of five participants.  I’ve attended these classes for several years and appreciate the help from David and all the trainers.  This past year, my major emphasis was improved overall health and general strength.  I’m delighted that with consistent workout class participation and the loss of some weight, my most recent annual physical exam results were awesome!  My doctor was pleased with my improved overall health.  he commented that “exercise is the best, so keep it up…  It’s better than any medicine he could prescribe!”  Thanks to CPRx team for helping me get healthier!



Carol A.

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